its full of stars

its full of stars

its full of stars

its full of stars

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Cute adorable cats posted daily

We love cats, we have cats, we adore them, this kitty blog is not only about these furry felines, but also about the people who love them back. Kitty Superstar is where we post daily photos, animations, fashion, games, toys, girls, art, music and videos surround the culture of cute adorable, funny, silly, lovable cats and kittens.

You can share and submit some of your own photos and if the judges approve, your photo would be featured on Kitty Superstar. We ask that it is something you like.

Also note that we are very sensitive to really bad typography. We know there are some awesome LOLcats out there that you'd like to share, and please keep sharing them with us because we love them. It's just the amount of disgusting type used on these photos prevents us from using them here. Though they are f**kin' hillarious, the fonts and colors people choose on these photos make us vomit. Thus, it is rare to find them here. We are also designers, and artists at heart, so bad type is where we draw the line.

The kids at Kitty Superstar hope you enjoy our blog. We've been getting a great response so far from many folks here, and thank you to all our followers

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